Enhanced Entrance Security

Safely detects non-metallic weapons and reduces queues

Stand-off people-screening technology that works with walk-through metal detectors to provide additional protection and higher visitor throughput.

Thruvision is a proven people-screening camera able to detect any type of object hidden under clothing. Based on patented, passive terahertz technology, Thruvision provides safe and respectful real-time imagery of items that visitors have not divested, allowing guards to visualize threats and resolve metal detector alarms without needing to physically search visitors.

Why should I use Thruvision to enhance my security screening?

  • Non-metallic weapons as small as 5cm x 5cm detected
  • Shows possible cause of metal detector alarms
  • No manual search of visitor is necessary
  • Reduced end-to-end screening time per visitor
  • Visitors treated in safe, respectful way
  • Compact size allows flexible deployment

Thruvision detects non-metallic weapons such as

  • Plastic explosive

  • 3D printed guns

  • Ceramic knives

  • Corrosive liquids

  • Non-metallic clubs

  • Glass / plexiglass shards

Thruvision allows guards to see non-metallic pipe-bomb cluster concealed under clothing
Security enhanced to
cover non-metallic weapons
Faster visitor
throughput and shorter queues
Improved security
guard awareness and safety
No change to
existing security set-up needed

CASE STUDY – Very high-profile London building operational statistics show …

3% of all visitors had undivested non-metallic items in clothing which Thruvision detected

95% of metal detector alarms were successfully resolved using Thruvision without requiring physical search

Thruvision ‘virtual search’ took under 10 secs compared to physical search taking 25 secs

Thruvision sees item concealed right rear of visitor
On request, visitor removes undivested phone from pocket

Thruvision entrance screening solution
(shown right)

  • TS4-C camera, with laptop running Thruviewer control software
  • Mobile Operator Station
  • One year warranty

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