Entrances & Public Venues

Screening visitors quickly and safely to detect weapons and explosives

Stand-off people-screening technology for where visitor experience and throughput rate is as important as deterring terrorism and crime.

Thruvision is a proven people-screening camera able to detect any type of object hidden under clothing. Based on patented, passive terahertz technology, Thruvision removes the need for visitors to divest clothing and personal effects while still allowing guards to check for concealed weapons and other prohibited items without requiring physical search. When used with high discrimination metal detectors, very high throughout rates can be achieved.

How can I use Thruvision to improve my visitors’ security experience?

  • Throughput of over 2,000 visitors per hour
  • Ability to detect all types of prohibited items
  • Only visitors with suspicious concealments searched
  • Intuitive and easy for security staff to use
  • Visitors treated in safe, respectful way
  • Flexible deployment as part of site infrastructure

Suitable for use at a wide range of venues

  • Sports stadiums

  • Entertainment venues

  • Conferences

  • Outdoor festivals

  • Museums and galleries

  • Public buildings

Thruvision sees highly suspicious item concealed under visitor’s jacket as he walks through fast-track screening lane

visitor experience

higher visitor
throughput rate

Security enhanced
to cover non-metallic weapons

No additional

CASE STUDY – Fast-track screening lane at UK leisure venue …

Delivered throughput of over 2,000 visitors per hour and 13,000 visitors per day

Successfully detected prohibited items concealed in clothing as visitors walked through

Saw significantly reduced complaints from visitors about being searched

Entrances & Public Venues

CASE STUDY – Very high-profile London building operational statistics show …

3% of all visitors had undivested non-metallic items in clothing which Thruvision detected

95% of metal detector alarms were successfully resolved using Thruvision without requiring physical search

Thruvision ‘virtual search’ took under 10 secs compared to physical search taking 25 secs

Thruvision sees item concealed right rear of visitor
On request, visitor removes undivested phone from pocket