Loss Prevention

Reducing staff theft by up to 80%*

High throughput staff security screening for preventing theft and reducing queuing at distribution centres, factories and cash handling facilities.

Thruvision is a proven people-screening camera able to detect any type of object hidden under clothing. Based on patented, passive terahertz technology, Thruvision delivers rapid return on investment and is relied on by leading loss prevention practitioners.

Customers using our people-screening cameras

Offering a fast, safe and operationally proven way to reduce employee theft in retail and distribution

Fast Screening

Screening time of 8 seconds per person

No Blind Spots

Full-body screening with no blind spots


Detects all types of material, and objects as small as 5cm x 5cm

Clear Visibility

Easy to see size, shape and location of concealment

Virtual Pat Downs

No physical search of person needed


Compact size allows flexible deployment

Single & dual camera configuration

  • In a single camera configuration Thruvision enables full body screening of a person, with no blind spots, in 12 seconds
  • In dual camera configuration Thruvision enables full body screening of a person, with no blind spots, in 8 seconds
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*Results reported by a leading retailer