Proven people-screening camera that sees any type of item – including metal, plastic, ceramic, gel, liquid, powder and paper – hidden in peoples’ clothing at distances of 3 to 8m.

TS4-SC operational characteristics

  • Full height view of person being screened at 5m distance
  • Indoor, environmentally controlled operation (ambient air temperature no higher than 28°C)
  • Minimum object size on stationary person of 5cm x 5cm at 6m
  • Screening camera operates at 250GHz and
    6 frames per second for optimal detection on walking person
  • Dual-camera lane achieves throughput of more than 2,000 people per hour for larger concealed items
  • “Operator Assist” alarm software to highlight potential hidden items
  • Local, configurable recording of screening and CCTV cameras, plus alarms
  • Integration with standard Video Management Software and Access Control Systems via software developers’ kit (SDK)
Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
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TS4-SC on Mobile Operator Station
for easy deployment

Product code: TV-TS4-SC