Customs and Border Control

Checking all travelers for concealed contraband

Stand-off people-screening technology to strengthen customs and border control and to detect concealed contraband.

Thruvision is a proven people-screening camera able to detect any type of object hidden under clothing. Based on patented, passive terahertz technology, Thruvision provides a fast, safe and operationally proven way to screen travelers for contraband and other prohibited items at customs check points.

How can I use Thruvision to improve my customs screening?

  • Screening time of 8 seconds per person
  • Full-body screening with no blind spots
  • Detects all types of material, and objects as small as 5cm x 5cm
  • Easy to see size, shape and location of concealment
  • No physical search of person needed
  • Compact size allows flexible deployment

Metal detectors are ineffective against a wide range of contraband items

  • Narcotics

  • Cash

  • Prohibited foodstuffs

  • High-value items

  • Weapons

Thruvision allows users to see items hidden under clothing

Screening 100% of travelers possible

100% detection rate of concealed items*

Safe and respectful for both travelers and staff

Mobile and fixed checkpoints for extra deterrence

CASE STUDY – Leading Asian customs agency’s operational experience

Forty Thruvision cameras deployed in dual-lane configuration at all major land, sea and air ports of entry

Thruvision blind performance tests consistently deliver 100% success rates for concealed items as small as 5cm x 5cm

All inbound visitors screened with no disruption to throughput rate and significant contraband seizures

Thruvision used at a fixed location and
completing a full-body screen in 8 seconds

Thruvision used at a temporary screening checkpoint
with continuous walk-through screening

Thruvision customs screening solution
(shown right)

  • TS4-SC camera, with laptop running Thruviewer control software
  • Mobile Operator Station
  • Flexible warranty and support options available

Product codes:

*Results reported by an Asian customs agency

E&OE. Specifications subject to change without notice.
April 2018 v1.0