Loss prevention people security screening

Screening staff quickly and safely to detect and deter theft

Proven to reduce theft in distribution centers by up to 80%, Thruvision delivers a return on investment in under 6 months. By screening staff quickly and safely, Thruvision removes the need for physical search and helps change operational culture.


The Coronavirus pandemic has made designing effective staff search security procedures in Distribution Centers even more challenging. The overwhelming priority is to keep valued employees safe but how can you keep operations running smoothly and maintain effective security?

This new case study sets out how Morrisons has installed Thruvision in its Distribution Centers and is now using Thruvision’s unique “safe distance” capability to meet this challenge.


Customer case studies

Typical Thruvision deployment for hands-off screening

Thruvision balances need for high staff throughput with effective detection and deterrence. Customer experience shows that random selection of around 20% of staff for a comprehensive 12 second “hands-off” search reduces theft by up to 80%.