Loss prevention

Screening staff quickly and safely to detect and deter theft

Proven to reduce theft in Distribution Centers by up to 80%, Thruvision delivers a Return on Investment in under 6 months. By screening staff quickly and safely, Thruvision removes the need for physical search and helps change operational culture.

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The rapid growth of distribution centres (DCs) has created challenges for profit protection and loss prevention. Theft from distribution centres is estimated to account for up to 5.66% of theft-related losses. In the UK alone, theft losses from distribution centres are estimated at £1.7 billion – a staggering impact on profits.

There are employee screening technology solutions that address this problem. But distribution centre managers must balance profit protection, employee management concerns, and day-to-day sales and operations. To be effective, any loss prevention people security screening technology implemented must account for these real-world concerns.

In this white paper, Thruvision, a leading provider of loss prevention people security screening solutions, presents key lessons learned from our work helping top UK and European DC managers. We show that with careful planning and the right technology, it is possible to protect profits while maintaining productivity and employee morale.


Customer case studies

Typical Thruvision deployment for hands-off screening