Thruvision Group plc

The primary activity of the Thruvision Group is the development, manufacture and sale of people security screening technology to the global security market.

Thruvision Group plc is incorporated in the United Kingdom, its main country of operation. Thruvision Group plc is a company registered in England and Wales. Its registered number is 7149547 and its registered office is 121 Olympic Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4SA, United Kingdom.

The information in this Thruvision Investors section is disclosed pursuant to Section 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies. All investor and company enquiries should be directed to our financial PR agency, Meare Consulting, whose contact details are given below:

The Thruvision Investors section of this website was last updated on 28th June 2024.

Progressive Equity Research Note published
28 June 2024

Strategic sales partnerships set to drive growth


Biographical details of Board members can be found here.

We operate under the regulations required of our AIM-listing status, including the oversight of our main Board, as well as its Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee. Thruvision is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. The Group is not bound by the provisions of the 2016 UK Corporate Governance Code (‘the Code’), given that it is listed on AIM and accordingly we do not fully comply with the Code.

The Company has chosen to report against the Quoted Companies Alliance Code (QCA Code) and details of compliance with the QCA Code can be found here. The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. The Board receives information on a monthly basis covering the following issues: Finance, Strategy,  Sales, Marketing, Technology, HR, Investor Relations and Company Secretarial Issues.

The Board is scheduled to meet formally 11 times a year, at which the information is reviewed and debated. Additional meetings are held as necessary. The details of the company’s advisors can be found at the bottom of this page.

Copies of the Articles of the Company, the AIM admission document and shareholder circulars since 1 November 2016 can be found below.

08.07.19Deferred Share buy back agreement July 2019
04.07.18Tender Offer Circular
12.03.18ThruVision Group plc - Cancellation Circular
09.10.17Video Business Sale - Circular
2015Articles of Association
2010AIM Admission Document

Thruvision reports twice a year as required under its UK listing regulations and our reporting year is 1 April to 31 March. Copies of the annual and interim reports for the last 3 years can be found below.

03.07.24FY24 Results Presentation
28.06.24FY24 Preliminary Announcement
20.11.23FY24 Interim Results
20.11.23FY24 Interim Results - Investor Presentation
07.08.232023 Annual Report
21.07.23FY23 Results Presentation
21.07.23FY23 Preliminary Announcement
23.05.23Thruvision Introduction and Update Presentation
19.12.22FY23 Interim Results – Investor Presentation
19.12.22FY23 Interim Results
30.09.222022 Annual Report
30.09.22FY22 Full Year Results
22.11.21FY22 Interim Results – Investor Presentation
22.11.21FY22 Interim Results
21.07.212021 Annual Report
20.07.21FY21 results webinar
12.07.21FY21 Full Year Results
12.07.21FY21 Full Year Results – Investor Presentation
23.11.20Thruvision Interim Results FY21 – Investor presentation
23.11.20Thruvision Interim Results FY21
16.06.202020 Annual Report
08.06.20FY20 Full year results – Investor Presentation
08.06.20FY20 Full year results
25.11.19Thruvision Interim Results FY20
25.11.19FY20 Interim Results - Investor Presentation
12.11.19Investor Presentation
08.07.192019 Annual Report
24.06.19Full Year Results
13.02.19Thruvision Capital Markets Day Presentation
10.12.18Thruvision Interim Results FY19
12.07.182018 Annual Report
15.12.17Interim Results
20172017 Annual Report
29.11.16Interim Results HY17
20162016 Annual Report
11.12.15Interim Results HY16
20152015 Annual Report
27.11.14Interim Results HY15

As required under the regulations of the AIM market, Thruvision issues regulatory news service (RNS) announcements that cover major contract awards and other required information. RNS announcements made since 1 November 2016 can be found below

12.06.24Notice of results
03.06.24TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - CannacordSolutions
03.06.24TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - Schroders plc
30.05.24Thruvision partners with Sensormatic Solutions
22.05.24Blocklisting update – Long term incentive plan
22.05.24Blocklisting update – Sharesave scheme
26.04.24FY24 Trading Update
18.03.24Safe Skies Operational Test and Evaluation
01.02.24Launch of new LPC71 series
26.01.24Sales Progress Update
22.01.24TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - Schroders plc
10.01.24Option Award to Executive Director
28.11.23Blocklisting update – Sharesave scheme
28.11.23Blocklisting update – Long term incentive plan
20.11.23FY24 Interim Results
07.11.23Notice of interim results
27.10.23TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - Schroders plc
26.10.23TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - Herald Investment Management
26.10.23TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings – Pentland Capital
25.10.23TR-1 Holding Notification of Major Holdings - Lombard Odier
24.10.23Result of placing
23.10.23Proposed placing
02.10.23Trading update
22.09.23Result of Annual General Meeting
22.08.23Option Award to Executive Directors
14.07.23Notice of results
07.06.23Blocklisting update – Long term incentive plan
07.06.23Blocklisting update – Sharesave scheme
21.04.23FY23 trading update
20.02.23TR1 Notification of Major Holdings – Lombard Odier
03.02.23Sharesave option grant to Executive Director
12.01.23Change of Auditor
21.12.22Director Share Dealing
19.12.22FY23 Interim Results
14.12.22Correction - Blocklisting application and update – Sharesave scheme
13.12.22Blocklisting application and update – Sharesave scheme
13.12.22Blocklisting update – Long term incentive plan
30.11.22Notice of Interim Results
09.11.22Option Award to Executive Directors
08.11.22TR1 Notification of Major Holdings – Lombard Odier
26.10.22Result of Annual General Meeting
12.10.22Trading Update
03.10.22Contract award
30.09.22FY22 Full Year Results
22.09.22Contract Award, Trading Update, Notice of Results
16.06.22Director appointment
13.06.22TR1 Notification of Major Holdings – Canaccord
08.06.22Blocklisting update – Sharesave Scheme
08.06.22Blocklisting application and update – Long Term Incentive Plan
06.05.22Director Share dealing
20.04.22Director Share dealing
04.04.22Trading Update
01.04.22Blocklisting update – Sharesave scheme Plan
01.04.22Blocklisting update – Long Term Incentive Plan
09.03.22Director Share Dealing
21.02.22Exercise of Sharesave options by Executive Directors
25.01.22Sharesave option grant to Executive Director
22.12.21TR1 Notification of Major Holdings – Lombard Odier
21.12.21Director Share Dealing
02.12.21Director Share Dealing
02.12.21Retail Investor Webinar
01.12.21Director Share dealing
01.12.21Option Award to Executive Directors
30.11.21Director Share Dealing
22.11.21Thruvision Interim Results FY22
11.11.21Notice of Interim Results
27.10.21Blocklisting Application
07.10.21Trading Update
04.10.21Blocklisting update
29.09.21Result of Annual General meeting
02.09.21Director Share Dealing
11.08.21Director Share Dealing
27.07.21Director Share Dealing
15.07.21TR1 Notification of major Holdings – Canaccord
15.07.21TR1 Notification of major Holdings – Canaccord
12.07.21FY21 Full Year Results
09.07.21Retail Investor Webinar - Replacement
09.07.21Retail Investor Webinar
05.07.21Notice of Annual Results
27.05.21Director Share Dealing
01.04.21Pre Close Trading update
31.03.21Blocklisting update
11.03.21TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Canaccord
10.03.21TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Lombard Odier
24.02.21Non-Executive Director appointment
01.12.20Retail Investor webinar
23.11.20Thruvision Interim Results FY21
10.11.20Notice of interim results
09.10.20Notification of Major Holdings: Lombard Odier
07.10.20Trading Update
22.09.20Result of Annual General Meeting
18.09.20Contract Award Announcement-US Government Customs and Border Protection
26.06.20TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Canaccord
23.06.20TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Canaccord
22.06.20TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Schroders plc
16.06.20Option award to Executive Directors
08.06.20FY20 full year results
03.06.20Notice of annual results
02.04.20Thruvision pre-close announcement FY20
25.11.19Thruvision Interim Results FY20
19.11.19Notice of Interim results
24.10.19Option Award To Executive Director
08.10.19Director Share Option Awards
03.10.19Trading Update
24.09.19Result of Annual General Meeting
23.09.19Contract award announcement - US Government’s Customs and Border Protection
16.09.19Press Release – Thruvision to be Trialed in London Underground Station to Detect Knives in Public Places
08.07.19190708 posting of Annual Report
24.06.19Full Year Results
20.06.19Notice of Annual Results
22.05.19190522 RNS Reach US contract awards
01.05.19Director appointment - A Crockett
01.04.19Pre-close Trading Update
07.02.19Thruvision Capital Markets Day
19.01.19RNS Director share awards
10.12.18Thruvision Interim Results FY19
03.12.18Announcement of Interim Results
03.10.18Trading update
24.09.18Sharesave option grant to Executive Directors
21.09.18Result of Annual General Meeting
22.08.18TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Herald Investment Management Limited
21.08.18TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) Limited
20.08.18TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Janus Henderson Group plc
20.08.18TR1 Notification for Major Holdings: Schroders plc
09.08.18Result of Tender Offer
31.07.18TR1 Notification of Major Interest in Shares
24.07.18Thruvision - GM results RNS
04.07.18Proposed Tender Offer and Notice of General Meeting
26.06.18Audited results for the full year 31 March 2018
21.06.18Notice of Audited Results
01.05.18Capital Reduction Effective
11.04.18TR1 - THRUVISION GROUP PLC - 14 03 2018
28.03.18Thruvision - GM results RNS
15.03.18180315 Director Share option awards RNS
15.03.18180315 Director dealing dealing RNS
15.03.18180315 TR1 GAM
14.03.18TR1 M&G (Prudential)
13.03.18TR1 Thruvision Group plc 20180313
13.03.18TR1 Aviva
12.03.18Thruvision Trading Update & Return of Capital 12.03.18
12.03.18Thruvision_Announcement of Proposed Cancellation 12.03.18
08.03.18TR1 - Aviva plc 08.03.18
18.01.18Director Share Option Awards Final 18.01.17
20.12.17Director Dealing
15.12.17Interim Results
14.12.17Appointment of Finance Director
13.12.17Notice of Results
12.12.17Director Dealing
27.11.17TR-1 Notification
06.11.17Director Dealing
01.11.17Change of name
31.10.17Completion of Disposal
26.10.17Result of General Meeting
23.10.17Result of AGM
12.10.17Digital Barriers Increased Shareholder support
09.10.17Proposed disposal of video business
02.10.17TR1 - Aviva plc
29.09.17Posting of Annual Report
29.09.17Digital Barriers Audited Results
07.08.17$11.9 million US Government Contract Award
12.07.17Change of Registered Office
12.07.17Brimtek Deferred Consideration
04.05.17TR1 - SFM UK Management
02.05.17Investor Presentation
02.05.17Framework Contract and Trading Update
21.04.17TR1 - Hargreave Hale
20.04.17US Government Contract Awards
13.04.17G4S Framework Contract
11.04.17Careem Contract
04.04.17TR1 - Lombard Odier
04.04.17TR1 - Henderson
28.03.17TR1 - Henderson Group
24.03.17Trading Update
15.03.17TR1 - Henderson
10.03.17TR1 - SFM
08.03.17TR1 - Prudential
08.03.17TR1 - M&G
08.03.17TR1 - GAM
06.01.17US and Africa Contract Awards
19.12.16Middle East Contract Award
01.12.16APAC & EMEA Contract Awards
29.11.16Interim Results HY17

All financial and company enquiries should be directed to Adrian Duffield at Meare Consulting on +44 (0)79 9085 8548.

Previous equity research notes can be found here:

Date PublishedTitleDownload
28/06/2024Strategic partnerships set to drive growth
26/04/2024Strong growth outside CBP
26/01/2024Reassuring trading update
20/11/2023Resilient H1 24 with many opportunities ahead
26/10/2023Strategic investor endorsement via £3.2m raise
20/10/2023CBP shortfall but strength elsewhere
21/07/2023Delivering on profitable growth
10/07/2023Gaining significant traction in core markets
21/04/2023Breakthrough revenue growth
19/12/2022Strong H1 shows traction in core markets
12/10/2022Strong and reassuring trading update
04/04/2022On track to break even
22/11/2021H1 2022 results reflect increasing confidence
12/07/2021Strong growth in Profit Protection
23/11/2020Resilient performance in H1 FY21
07/10/2020EBITDA break-even achieved for H1 21
08/06/2020Well positioned for the medium term
02/04/2020Per ardua, ad astra
25/11/2019High-end product driving strong performance
11/11/2019Concept now proven

Advice is taken as required and where input can assist the Board in its operation and strategic aims. In addition, the Company Secretary is available to the Chairman of the Board and its committees to provide guidance where relevant.

The company has retained the following advisors to assist the Board and its committees:

Nominated Advisor and Broker
Investec Bank plc, 30 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QP

RSM UK Audit LLP 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3AG United Kingdom

Legal Advisors
Osborne Clarke, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5EB

Computershare Investor Services plc, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS13 8AE

Remuneration Consultants
Alvarez & Marshal Taxand UK LLP, Park House, 16-18 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB

Financial PR
Meare Consulting,

Thruvision Group plc is listed on the AIM section of the London Stock Exchange. The number of securities currently in issue is 161,059,012 ordinary shares of 1 pence each.

As of 03 June 2024, shareholdings representing 3% or more in the Company’s existing issued Ordinary Share Capital may be found here.